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I never thought I would be so happy to see a dandelion!


It is so nice to be able to run outside with no shoes on, and grab the mail without getting frostbite and sprinkling ice melt ahead of me. The sunshine is a welcome change, and despite what we might be thinking in the darkness of February, Spring does always manage to find its way back to us.

People are happier, they are shopping, and they are decorating; we are all so grateful to grab onto the feeling of warm, blue skies and fresh, green grass.

Someone asked me the other day what the trends are for the season.
It’s a question I get asked a lot, and my answer is to often look to the runway; design seems to follow fashion, and in Spring I think the biggest trend anywhere always ends up being a celebration of life.
I don’t mean in the deeply spiritual way, I mean literally.

After six months of Winter we become nostalgic for what we haven’t had;
we want to be less restricted in our clothes, we want softness and color around us, lots of warmth, and we want to be surrounded by things that
feel more alive and organic.

So if you can’t find a dandelion, and you need a little bit of design inspiration,
here are five of my favorite Spring trends.



Bohemian fabrics, a relaxed style, and the color blue are here to stay.
Not too precious, the slightly worn colors are still saturated enough to be our favorites, but comfortable enough for every day.
If you’re not quite ready for a pile of floor pillows on your Living Room floor, why not update your patio or deck with a more temporary take on this gorgeous global inspiration.

flowers - roses


Flowers are dominating the fashion and design houses this year.
If you don’t want a sofa covered in daffodils, or a brightly colored floral dress, buy (or pick) yourself a bunch of roses.
A very formal flower, they look their best when they don’t look like they are trying too hard; snip them down to a smaller size and pop them into a jar (skip the baby’s breath).



Influenced by the vintage military and automaton trend, steam-punk has gone mainstream; what once used to be on the fringe of the design world is now the perfect way to add a small amount of quirk to your home, without committing to a certain industrial style.
I think that every home should have some elements of metal in it, so I am happy that our options are endless and pieces of metal can easily be mixed and matched into any room.



Maybe it’s baby boom nostalgia, but shelves are back in style.
Whether it’s for storing your collection of books, or a place to keep your favorite coffee cup, we now want to see what we have.
Of course they are great for organizing, but they are also the simplest way to add personality to your home; why not share your randomly found objects, remember your treasured vacation souvenir, and use your now defunct wedding china.
Enjoy what you have, and if dusting all those open spaces is a worry,
then don’t dust.



The opposite of so many things,
a pile of something natural is often the best trend of all.
When I first saw cotton growing in a field, I had to stop the car.
It was breathtaking to see acres of pods bursting with pure, soft white balls of fluff. To this day, it is still one of my favorite things in the whole world, and I have a small bundle of it in a glass bowl in my Living Room.
Whether it is pine cones, twigs, cotton, rocks, or a fallen, abandoned bird’s nest, adding something raw and organic will always be beautiful,
and never go out of style.

Wendy E. Wrzos https://wendyandthebluegiraffe.blogspot.com

Photographs borrowed from: M.inmagine (Dandelion)  Houzz (Moroccan) White Flower Farm (Roses) Restoration Hardware (Steampunk), Bookmania (Bookshelves) and Vertboitex (Cotton).

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“Have you heard of Juju hats? I must have one for my house! You must blog about them!”, a friend wrote to me earlier this week. Of course, I googled them, not knowing what they were, but presuming they weren’t some type of archaic medicinal type of voodoo device, that was worn on the head to scare away the bad guys. 

Up popped these wonderfully whimsical, feathery concoctions hanging on beautiful, large walls. I knew why she loved them. After seeing the price (originally handmade in Cameroon), we instantly started wondering if we could make our own, what color we would use and where we would put them. Eternally optimistic, we added it to our wish list.

Later that night, I was flicking through a magazine, when I came across an entire line of accessories made from Shagreen. Again, I hadn’t heard of this. Apparently, years ago, the skins of sharks and stingrays were used to make cigarette holders and the like, giving an exotic appeal to something quite ordinary. Now, it is being reinvented in a kind of faux way (with the assurance that they are no longer being made from real shark or stingray).  A strange, pebbly texture, it seems a bit like suede, and is now being used for all sorts of things, but mainly decorative items like picture frames and vases. 

Not sure if the Juju and Shagreen will be a long-lasting trend, but the point is to suggest something new; they make us stop and think, pass them by, or fall in love with them. It’s up to us.

Wendy E. Wrzos http://wendyandthebluegiraffe.blogspot.com/

Gorgeous, gerbera type Juju hat picture from the Brown Button blog (who, in 2010, was further ahead of the trend than I was).

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Check out these designer favorites…

  • Tiki Hut SW 7509 (Sherwin Williams)
  • Rio Grande NA03 (Ralph Lauren)
  • Argosy 26-21 (Pratt & Lambert)
  • Antique Red SW 7587 (Sherwin Williams)
  • White Raisin SW 7685 (Sherwin Williams)

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hgtv-dream-home-2009-3We know that color trends are affected by many factors including today’s economy. And although we have blanketed ourselves in protective grays and bathed our colorful interiors with neutrals, new colors are emerging in 2009 that are filled with light and life.

Look no further than yesterday’s inauguration to see proof. Michelle Obama’s “lemon grass” suit (by designer Isabel Toledo ) shined like a beacon of hope. Yellow is after all the color of optimism, and it is THE color of 2009 according to the people at Pantone – an authority on color trends. This warm yellow tone will be seen everywhere in our homes and our clothing.

Misty blues, like the Sherwin Williams color Cosmos ( SW 6528 ) pictured above, have just enough red in them to make this smokey blue ever so cozy, restful and relaxing. Blue is confident and assuring. It is also the color of authority which is why you see many men of stature wear blue ties.

Because of this warmer side of blue, purple has also gained appeal. You’ll be sure to see this royal hue show up on everything and everyone. Tinged with more red than blue, deeper shades of plum and aubergine (eggplant), will surely be a favorite among both men and women. (Visit HGTV to view this year’s Dream House and this living room.)

Did you notice the common thread here? Red. Warm reds, oranges, turquoise and teal from around the globe will continue to add a dash of vibrant color to our decor.

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Do you ever wonder what the next home décor trend will be? Wonder no more. If you’re interested in staying ahead of the curve, just look to the big (and little) screen to show you the way.

Your favorite movies and television shows are on the cutting edge of design and style. Colors, furnishings and the next “it” accessory are just waiting to be copied and shelved in your favorite store.

One movie that just lives and breaths style (Yes, I’m talking Sex and the City) is filled with colorful and beautiful interiors right alongside the fabulous fashion. From office space at Vogue (inspired by Dorothy Draper) to Carrie’s apartment – you’re in for a visual treat.

Carrie’s apartment is all grown up and swathed in a beautiful vibrant blue. (Try Benjamin Moore’s Electric Blue to achieve a similar effect.) Paired with earthy neutrals, lots of cream and glossy surfaces; this apartment is contemporary glamour at its best.

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