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I confess, I can be a bit stubborn, and, sometimes, when someone says that it can’t be done, I ask “Why not?”.  To me, decorating belongs in the Land of “Why not’s?” – a place where rules are simply things that other people made up.

Don’t get me wrong, when I started out on my decorating  journey, I also followed the guidelines about what I should (and shouldn’t do). Because, that’s what you do when you don’t know. I put up flowery curtains, painted all of my rooms cream, and bought a platter that said “Turkey” on it. (For my first Thanksgiving dinner, of course. I wouldn’t have dreamed of serving turkey, unless I had the appropriate platter to put it on).

Fortunately, after a while, we all decide that we really do (or do not) like flowery curtains, and we start to sift through our own style. We may, or may not, keep the Turkey platter, and we decide to paint the walls a darker shade of cream. We watch design shows, and pour over paint samples, but now and again we hesitate, and we wonder if what we want to do is really okay. Here is a list of some design things that really are okay (despite what you may have heard).

  • Hang artwork at whatever height you like, wherever you want to. (And, use the smallest, most effective hook you can. Art weighs a heck of a lot less than you think).
  • Go ahead, use dark paint in a small room, and add big furniture (but less of it). Makes it cozy and dramatic at the same time.
  • When buying/remodelling a home, consider whether or not you want a formal Dining Room. Many people don’t use it, and it can become a clutter collector. Don’t have one “just because”.
  • Not every room has to have a “pop of color”. Really. There are lots of neutral rooms that are truly beautiful.
  • It’s okay, put a bed in front of your window if you want to.
  • Give the Master Bedroom to your children, or use it as an office space. Do you really need a gigantic bedroom?

As you can see, the point is that design rules are just guidelines to get you started, or, as the late, great Katherine Hepburn said  “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun!”

Wendy E. Wrzos  

Gorgeous bedroom from Bungalow at Home

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Homes are like people; it’s the life that exists inside them that is important.  Don’t be limited by stereotypes, consider these “truths” next time you hesitate to love a small space:

Always paint with light colors: Of course this will brighten a room, but a dark color in a well-lit room can look even better – cozy, welcoming and warm.

Small room, small furniture:  Be wary of the doll house look. Yes, there is wonderful furniture out there that is scaled for apartment living, but too much of it can make a home appear off-balance and well, a bit weird… Combine large and small pieces for symmetry.

Using little, or no accessories, will make it appear larger:  Avoid clutter, but do use your accessories to enhance the space. Mirrors will always bring in more light, and cluster your wall accessories a bit higher than normal to create interest and draw the eye upwards.

Beige and white all the way: Neutral pallets are a wonderful base for any home, but they have to be amped up with texture and/or color (otherwise the room will just float away into a sea of nothingness).

Keep floors clear and open: Area rugs are great in small spaces. They can visually anchor an entire room, and, an oversized rug, will usually make a room appear bigger.

Place sofas and chairs against the wall for maximum space:  Yes, it will give you more square footage, but not necessarily more space. Experiment with angles and different furniture placements before placing them against the walls.

Built-ins and storage units are too big for small spaces: This is where you may need to measure and be creative. Think corner units, shelves placed high up and shadow boxes for display. Mount a television on the wall, or place it on (or inside) a piece of furniture that has additional storage.

Never underestimate the value of a small room; use it, play with it, experiment with scale and color. Make it into something wonderful!

http://wendyandthebluegiraffe.blogspot.com/ And, thanks to: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davemorris/ for the use of his photograph.

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