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Do you have a pretty jar at home? Fill it with memories. Write down something you did that made you happy, proud, loved… and place it in the jar. Use scrap paper, tiny note cards, or get creative and make mini paper hearts that you can tuck right in.

You might not have time to write down everything you did in your journal that day, or you may prefer to journal only on occasion, but you can certainly find a minute to write down a simple declaration of love; anything smile-worthy. Just a moment in time captured in a few words. 

At the end of each week, take out your notes and read them. Put them back in the jar and keep going. If you prefer, you can read your notes on a special day, each month, or after so many weeks. Once your jar is full, find a new place for your notes, but don’t stop filling your jar.

This is a great idea for Valentine’s Day, too. Have everyone in the family decorate a jar to leave outside their bedroom door, in their room, or tied around their doorknob. Leave notes and candies in their jar all February long. I made felt heart pockets when my children were little. I think I’m bringing back the tradition this year.

P.S. Don’t forget to date your memory 🙂

Kimberly Merritt – http://www.BeautifulLivingBlog.com



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Art is an infinite subject. No-one should be limited by their budget (or their imagination), when thinking of things to display in their home. I always encourage people to look at what they have before they make a purchase, because I really believe that if we feel connected to something, then we love it just a little bit more. Even a piece from a store should be bought because you “must” have it, not because you “need” it to fill a space.

A lot of my favorite things are personal. Their monetary value is little, but their meaning is something that I cherish. I have a postcard that my grandfather mailed to my grandmother during World War II. He was in a prison camp, and was allowed to write home once a week. His words still give me goose-bumps. It begins “Darling Dor…..” I have the card in a simple frame, where I can look at it, and remember how much they loved each other.

Maybe you have a poem, photograph, word or letter that you can frame and hang somewhere? If your favorite thing is not personal, then go to the Internet, it is often easy to download and print a copy of something that you love. If it is an old poem or quote, consider printing it then soaking it in tea or coffee to give the appearance of age. Any photograph, reprinted in black and white, will not only look more interesting,  but, more importantly, it will fit in with absolutely any style of decorating.

Consider items that you may have, which should be displayed. Vintage handbags (check the handles first) or old jewelry can be hung from hooks in an unexpected place. Shadow boxes are perfect for holding almost anything, instantly giving importance to everything that sits inside them.

You see, the beauty of art is that it is subjective; it can be anything that you want it to be, as long as it gives you what you want.

Wendy E. Wrzos http://wendyandthebluegiraffe.blogspot.com/ Thanks to: Apartment Therapy for the photograph.

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