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Helping people in fall in love with their homes, is something that I never, ever get tired of doing. Over the years, I have learned to look at spaces with a certain amount of detachment; we all have different tastes (and budgets) and what we like should be respected, and is very personal.

Knowing what I do, friends have sometimes said that I should “Ignore the mess”, or “Please don’t say anything, I know that my living room needs to be redecorated”. When they say this, I can honestly tell them that I don’t look at their homes that way. If they want my advice, I will gladly give it, but to poke holes in the way that someone lives, without an invitation, is never welcome. Besides, who am I to throw stones? My home is often in a state of flux, or, at the very least, looking well-loved.

That being said, I have found, that there are some things that I see, over and over again, that absolutely drive me nuts.  Whether it is a client, a friend, or a random space, here are my five favorite Design Peeves:

  • Rooms that have no purpose, or are not being used for what they were intended: Can’t you figure out a way to enjoy them, instead of filling them with Rubbermaid boxes, Christmas ornaments and a broken Futon?
  • Living/Family rooms with no tables: Where do you put your coffee, book, snack, remote control, flowers (feet?).
  • Not knowing where the front door, or main entrance is: Please don’t make me guess. It shouldn’t be this difficult to find you.
  • Dead plants in pots: Why? This is just depressing.
  • Toilet seat covers, and the little, matching toilet mat that wraps around the bottom:  I am not squeamish at all when it comes to cleaning, but do you have men and boys using your bathroom?  ’nuff said.

p.s. Even if you have all of these peeves, I will still love you and your home, and never say anything when I come for a visit (just throw away the dead plant, and don’t forget to tell me where the front door is).

Wendy E. Wrzos http://wendyandthebluegiraffe.blogspot.com/

Photograph borrowed from the Huffington Post

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