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281461a253c81bc7c31957dcb7e72022One of our Education Affiliates (Newbury Design School)¬†shared this on their FB page and we thought we’d share it with you.

Texture is one of the most under appreciated design elements in a home. Spruce up yours by adding organic elements with ease. Nature is our best teacher. Bring in branches, berries, leaves and other beauties. Don’t toss a broken door: sand it down, brush some antique glaze through the crevices, all while adding patina and character to cast-away objects. Now hang it on the wall in place of art or lean it for a more casual look. A big basket is a must-have. Fill it with towels in the bath, newspapers and magazines in the living room, or to toss papers to recycle in an office. When you’re at a loss for pulling a room together, think texture! (Image: HGTV)

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hgtv-dream-home-2009-3We know that color trends are affected by many factors including today’s economy. And although we have blanketed ourselves in protective grays and bathed our colorful interiors with neutrals, new colors are emerging in 2009 that are filled with light and life.

Look no further than yesterday’s inauguration to see proof. Michelle Obama’s “lemon grass” suit (by designer Isabel Toledo ) shined like a beacon of hope. Yellow is after all the color of optimism, and it is THE color of 2009 according to the people at Pantone – an authority on color trends. This warm yellow tone will be seen everywhere in our homes and our clothing.

Misty blues, like the Sherwin Williams color Cosmos ( SW 6528 ) pictured above, have just enough red in them to make this smokey blue ever so cozy, restful and relaxing. Blue is confident and assuring. It is also the color of authority which is why you see many men of stature wear blue ties.

Because of this warmer side of blue, purple has also gained appeal. You’ll be sure to see this royal hue show up on everything and everyone. Tinged with more red than blue, deeper shades of plum and aubergine (eggplant), will surely be a favorite among both men and women. (Visit HGTV to view this year’s Dream House and this living room.)

Did you notice the common thread here? Red. Warm reds, oranges, turquoise and teal from around the globe will continue to add a dash of vibrant color to our decor.

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