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Recently I fell in love with several pieces of sculptural artwork. Brazenly placed in abandoned fields, the images were surreal in their gigantic beauty. Whether you liked them or not, you could not deny the talent and the vision that created them. I have to confess that I took more photographs of these images than I did of the people I was with.

Growing up I never quite understood the use of decorative objects outside.  At the time, the only ones I had seen were gnomes with fishing rods, or strangely, flamboyant statues that lived in the grounds of old castles. 

Now, years later, I know the importance that art and shapes can play in revitalizing an outdoor space. The gigantic images that I saw overseas reminded me to have fun with nature, and that sometimes, a piece just exists for us to enjoy.

I have to confess I don’t have many decorative objects in my garden (my gnome prefers to live in the house) but I recently placed a squiggly thing next to my garage, and I love coming home to it every night!

My garage is detached from the house, so the door is flanked either side by white concrete. To the left I have a half-barrel with an apricot rose in it, and to the right I have a small, rectangular planter overflowing with mint. Above the mint I have a wild, white rose that I “help” meander across the top of the garage, but above the apricot rose there is just a white expanse of concrete. Every night it bothered me, the inequality of the two sides. Not that I wanted anything matching (been there, done that) but it just looked unbalanced, and the rose looked a bit sad and isolated. 

I had to fill in some of the area above the rose, but everything I tried just looked wrong. Eventually, I experimented with a 6 foot curly metal garden pole in my shed. I stuck it in the dirt, to the right of the rose, and it looked strangely perfect; tall, soft and unexpected. 

My meager attempt with a squiggly piece of metal cannot be compared to a 30 foot corrugated eyeball, but seeing those large pieces of raw beauty definitely became a wonderful teaching moment for me.  


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