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It’s almost tag sale season! You know, yard sales, garage sales, flea markets… gently worn, already loved bits and pieces with a dash of a history. I’m already gearing up and I have my list of wants and wishes ready to go. Soon, it’ll be time to clean out the car, grab some cash, and hit the road. And don’t underestimate curb appeal. Lots of people are just dropping things off at the curb—for free! My heart still aches the time I had to drive by two beautiful velvet chairs. Don’t let this happen to you.

So what should you be looking for? If you’re a beginner, start with the small stuff. Take stock of what you need and buy with your heart. It’s okay to offer a different price other than the one marked, but be fair. And if you’re trying to embellish existing furnishings and designs, be smart and take along photos of what you already have. Here’s my secret: Bring photos of your roomthis includes close-ups (for pattern reference and overall style), paint chips of any colors you’re trying to coordinate (hold those chips right up to each piece of fabric, rugs, and walls), and a measuring tape. If you’d like to stretch into the big leagues, then it’s best to brush up on antiques. You can find a multitude of books at your local library as well as lots of resources online.

This garage sale meets designer look really works. Notice all of the different patterns, colors, and materials. You might recognize this photo from the Hallmark show, Garage Sale Mystery where the proprietor is always finding treasure. Here are some tips to help you along. When you buy upholstered seats, there are two things to keep in mindcomfort and smell. Once it passes the smell test (yes, you have to get up close and personal), you have to make sure it’s comfortable to sit on. Take your time and be sure. When you’re buying seats for tables, or tables for seats, this is where your trusty tape measure comes in. Make sure the height of the table and the height of the arm (the chairs or yours) is within 2″ of each other to be a good match.

Scratches, worn paint, a few dentsthey’re all part of the charm. How do you like the miss-matched drapes? It works because the colors work well with everything in the room and they’re all the same color family. Don’t be afraid to put something old next to something new in a room. The juxtaposition between the two materials gives a room depth and interest.

What types of things should you look for?

  • Dishes, glassware, silverware – To be used as is or as vases, vessels, etc.
  • Distressed signs – To use in place of art. These really make a statement in a room.
  • Baskets and boxes – Use as is or as end tables, on walls as shelves or shadow boxes.
  • Old game sets – As accessories or hung as art.
  • Pottery and vases
  • Paintings and photographs
  • Light fixtures – Make sure you know how to make them work as you won’t know if they actually do.
  • Die cast metal vehicles and gadgets – Conversation starters for sure.
  • Clothing and accessories – Inspect carefully.
  • Metal or wood cabinets – A horizontal metal office cabinet can be used as a sofa table as pictured above.
  • Fabrics – Sometimes you’ll find fabrics by the yard and sometimes you’ll want to purchase clothing or bedding for the fabric alone.
  • and of course, furniture

Scour the newspaper, map your route, and have fun!

Photos: HallmarkChannel.com, Karlis Dambrans

Kim – http://www.BeautifulLivingBlog.com

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