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Don’t turn the heat up and the television on! Just because the days are cooling down, and the leaves are turning orange,  doesn’t mean we can’t play outside for a wee bit longer.

Plan a late Summer BBQ, or celebrate the cold weather with your very own, homemade Fall Festival. Make it easy and fun; decorate your garden with everything seasonal – pumpkins, hay bales, chrysanthemums and of course, piles of apples. Hang some of the apples from a tree (later on, turn it into a game; try to bite them, with your hands behind your back, of course).

Bring board games outside, bob for apples, go on a scavenger hunt, carve and decorate pumpkins. Toast marshmallows over a small fire pit, make s’mores and sit on blankets with hot cider and farm fresh apple donuts.

Why not explore some of the oversized garden games that are available. Consider making your own (eg. for Checkers use a plastic tablecloth and outdoor plastic paint to draw the squares – wooden discs or different colored stones could be used as playing pieces).

 I have one that I found online years ago ( left).  I love the unexpectedness of it as you turn a corner in my garden. When we aren’t playing with it, I have a large wrought iron ant that stands, poised to make the next move!

To buy garden games, or for ideas on making your own, go to:   http://www.lettucemakethyme.com/giant.htm

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