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My Christmas and holiday cards are finally signed, sealed, and (almost) delivered. Each year as we receive cards from family and friends, I place each one over the top of my 3-panel glass kitchen door starting with the first card we receive. Some years cards get squeezed in behind or beside others creating a very festive topper to my door which is really one big giant window that looks out into my back yard. Once the holidays are over, I save my cards to re-use as decorations. My keepsakes are then used in frames as holiday art to be placed on the bookshelf or on tabletops. I also tuck in a few in the Christmas tree branches. Here are a few more ways to display and reuse your cards from year to year…

Cut cards to use as garland. (You can purchase inexpensive box cards instead.) Display cards on a wall in a Christmas tree or ornament design. Make an ordinary wreath come to life by attaching cards with pins or wires depending on the wreath you’re using. (Grapevine is a good alternative.)

Display cards on decorative ribbon or tinsel and string them up in front of a mirror. Attach cards to a vase filled with branches. (You can adorn an entire tree with nothing but lights and cards.) Hang cards from a banister using additional ribbon. Fill a silver bowl with cards, pine cones, and a few candy canes. Bring them to the dinner table and enjoy reading each and every greeting.

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