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I love cape-style homes. It could be the reason why my own expanded cape would look right at home along the seashore as well as it does here in the New Hampshire woods. During our vacation, I couldn’t help but look at all of the beautiful houses, and every year I snap some favorites. (Forgive the top of the car window. There’s a reason why I call these shots drive-bys.)

I like the house, but what I really liked was the detached garage. (Although I would use a different door material). After building our shed last fall, plans to build a barn or garage like this are never far from our minds.

“A Cape Cod cottage is a style of house originating in New England in the 17th century. It is traditionally characterized by a low, broad frame building, generally a story and a half high, with a steep, pitched roof with end gables, a large central chimney and very little ornamentation.” However, this style home has come a long way. You can find contemporary-style features and wings mixed in with more traditional elements. Cedar shakes or shingles, white trim, wooden shutters and onion-style lanterns are just a few of the typical materials used in the construction and design of a cape-style home. Typically a one to one-and-a-half story house, capes have grown to accommodate today’s style needs. The design was/is also considered practical. Because New England winters can be harsh, the steep roof line prevents excessive amounts of snow from accumulating. This is a must where I live.

Stone and brick are always close behind whether they’re used for the chimneys, walks, or steps. These natural materials are the perfect marriage between style and function.

The interiors of a cape-style home can vary greatly. Natural elements work their way indoors for a casual feel. Driftwood signs, wainscoting (originally used to address moisture in the walls), and painted cabinetry and woodwork are all mainstays. But you can vary the look and feel of the interior greatly mixing a variety of style and materials together to suit your needs. Here are a couple of highlights:

Beach House Chic: Driftwood, rattan, seagrass, starfish, seashell prints, nautical ropes and knots.
Colonial Style: Shaker-style kitchen cabinets, wooden knobs, wood plank back splash, ancestor portraits, wood plank floors, linen checked fabric, 13-arm meeting house chandelier.

The list goes on and on. If you have a cape-style home you’d like to share with me. Drop me a line and I’d love to take a look.

Kim Merritt – http://beautifullivingstyle.blogspot.com/

Images (starting from the top) via personal collection, smg.photobucket.com, reasontobreathe.tumblr.com, cityfarmhouse.com, foleyandcox.com, pasticheofcapecod.com, southernliving.com

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