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bath photo 2From House Beautiful, this article has an array of ideas that are smart, stylish and easy to achieve.  To start 2010 with a fresh start, try some of these products and tips for a newly arranged space that is also pleasing to the eye.  Being organized is essential for a smooth transition from 2009 to 2010 whether it’s for your home or office.  Focus on a few rooms that may need some tweaking and you’ll be amazed at the results!  To learn more, click the link below…


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my houseAt the moment we are all looking for ways to decorate our homes without spending a lot of money. One of my favorite ways to do this is with a can of black chalkboard paint. 

The coverage is far superior than normal paint and the finished look is that of old cast iron. Over the years I have used it many times in my home and no-one realizes that it is paint, let alone chalkboard paint. 

The most successful way to use it is on brass accessories. Over time these can become outdated, and we get tired of their perpetual  “shininess”.

The first thing I painted was the stand for my floor lamp. I did not sand or prime it and within 10 minutes  the traditional lacquered brass suddenly looked modern and sophisticated. Once I changed the cream-colored shade, it looked like a new lamp for less than twenty dollars (see picture).

With can in hand I then moved onto my chandelier. Being a tad lazy I decided not to take it down. I used painters tape to attach newspaper to the ceiling, about 3 feet in diameter around the chandelier (a bit dodgy as the newsprint may rub off on the ceiling, but it didn’t). I also removed the lightbulbs and covered the bulb outlets with a piece of tape. Once the prep was done I just sprayed the entire thing with the black chalkboard paint. It didn’t even look like the same fixture.

 I started looking for more things to paint….

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 Would you like to refresh and update a room or two but don’t want to take a lot of time or money?


It can be done!

It is easier than you think, here’s how…


10 Quick Non-Costly Tips to Uplift, Refresh, and Redecorate a Room

Ø  Organize it with Style– Take those things in a room that look like clutter but are necessary and store them out of sight in beautiful baskets, boxes, chests, or other storage containers.

Ø  Highlight and display your favorite photo, tile, or artwork on a small tabletop easel- Place it where everyone will enjoy it.

Ø  Add color and life to a room– Purchase a few coordinating accent pillows in a color and texture of your choice and place them around the room. 

Ø  Bring nature indoors- Display a beautiful plant, shell, piece of driftwood, vase of flowers, container of interesting branches in a place that needs some interest. 

Ø  Honor your Collections- Display groupings of your favorite collections in groups of three or an odd number but not too many.

Ø  Re-hang your wall art to a proper height– Hang items so they are easy to see and admire.  Approximately 60”centered up from the floor,, neither too high nor too low.  Place them to compliment the surroundings.

Ø  Use candles anywhere– instant color, ambience, and wonderful scents.

Ø  Accessorize places you might overlook but need a bit of attention- such as the top of an armoire, under a table, in the empty corner of a room.  Use a few plants or one big plant, a decorative basket, a piece of sculpture, a piece of beautiful pottery, or a few larger collectables together.

Ø  Take advantage of your beautiful hardcover books- Proudly display them in bookcases, on tabletops stacked or between bookends.  Use them as props to display other items, or use them to raise the height of items such as lamps.  

Ø   Reinvent an old item to serve a new purpose- Use a bench, chest, stool, crate, or other item to serve as a needed coffee table or end table.   Use an outdoor chair or bench where you need more seating.   


By Joan Bishop, Interior Designer                                 




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