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Quite often, people declare that they need a “piece of art” to complete their room. That they are looking for the perfect painting to hang over a sofa, or above a fireplace. They don’t want a print, because it is too generic; they want something original, which often translates to something that they have not yet found, and, even if they did find it, it would probably be too expensive for their current budget.

So, they wait. The room is never finished, and the painting is never found. Eventually, something odd finds its way there, but it doesn’t quite fit, and no-one really likes it, but it seems to fill the space (sort of).

Art isn’t complicated; it is simply a visual expression of creativity, and can be represented in almost any way that you want it to be.  If you like looking at it, then it could be defined as Art, therefore, couldn’t you put almost anything you want on your wall?

The world is filled with amazing things, so don’t let conventional thoughts prevent you from taking full advantage of what you enjoy. Whatever your design style, or need, you could definitely find something other than a normal painting to express your personality and decorate your home.

– Bicycles.

– Words and numbers.

– A favorite photograph (or several) – enlarged to poster size.

– Hats, handbags, and accessories hung on beautiful (or unusual) hooks.

– Vintage air vents.

– Wooden signs and shapes.

– Frame dried tree branches, or attach a small tree from floor to ceiling.

– Maps.

– Homemade art.

– Plates, tea cups and kitchen collectibles.

– Boxes and baskets.

– Old license plates, record or book covers.

– Windows, mirrors and glass.

– Almost anything else you can think of.

(p.s. Although still a painting, the Bacon and Eggs are not at all your typical pieces of art; they are a delightfully easy, whimsical creation of Simple Mom).

Wendy E. Wrzos http://wendyandthebluegiraffe.blogspot.com/

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I remember wallpaper, growing up, to be either anaglypta (a thick, embossed wallpaper) large brown and green squares or, sometimes, a very flowery concoction that reminded me of prairie dresses and things that were overly cute. Their job was to decorate the walls and cover imperfections.

After many years of this, wallpaper was exiled; people were tired of the busyness of it all, they wanted cleaner, more neutral spaces. Thoughts of scraping someone elses glue and paper off the wall sent home owners searching for simpler ways to decorate. Paint became the de rigueur.

Now, like any good fashion trend, wallpaper is back again; gracing the covers of magazines, with the designer elite singing its praises as a beautiful and bold way to accessorize our homes.
It has now become Art.

I am glad; anything that makes decorating easier, and can be put on a wall, makes me very happy. Now, the wallpapers are easier to apply, and, more importantly, easier to remove. As a statement on a wall, or a backdrop for another piece, designs are made to be graphic, but tasteful – adding to what you already have, with just a little bit of star power, rather than stealing the entire spotlight.

Bringing modern freshness to all styles of homes, this old idea may just become your new, favorite piece of paper!

Wendy E. Wrzos http://wendyandthebluegiraffe.blogspot.com/ Gorgeous photograph from http://www.elledecor.com/

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Did you know that Queen Victoria wore black exclusively for almost 40 years? She turned mourning into an Art form after her husband, Prince Albert, died.  New fashions were created, and black jewelry (Jet, Onyx etc) were more popular than ever before.

This trend continued until she passed away. Eager to leave black behind, the former Victorians celebrated with pretty furnishings and decadent lifestyles. But, their colorful reprieve did not last long; Wars began, and England entered a very turbulent time. Black became synonymous with grief, disease and War, extreme times of hardship.

Now, many years later, women covet the LBD (Little Black Dress), but the color black, in furnishings, is still approached hesitantly. It sounds somber, and people worry that it will be too harsh, or overwhelm a room. But, used correctly, black can be one of our favorite accessories.

Many designers swear that every room should have a touch of black, and, as I go through my decorating adventures I tend to agree with them. Black brings gravity to a room; even the smallest piece will provide an inexplicable anchor that pulls an otherwise humdrum room together.

If you are adding it to a very light-colored room, then several small touches of black may be needed, one piece may not be enough to give you balance. But, in a more colorful home a simple picture frame or a lamp stand may be just enough. Even the tiniest black, brush stroke on a painting will bring more depth to a space.

When England finally recovered from the Second World War, they celebrated with color! Black was almost discarded, and everything in their world became lighter (fabrics, colors, jewelry, shapes, furniture).

We live in a time where color and design choices are infinite, a Queen does not dictate how we decorate our homes. Therefore, be bold, add a little touch of black, and watch your room come alive.

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I am one of those people who can be physically moved by an image. Recent photos of the Pelicans on the Gulf Coast left me speechless, the photographs churning in my stomach for days, a disturbing mixture of Art and Reality. It was a visceral reaction, an emotional response that I could not control.

Strangely, rather than protest the recent bombardment of images, I would rather see them than not. With technological advancements, our needs have accelerated so quickly that Art has become far more mainstream, and definitely more provocative. An instant barometer for our feelings, it is easier than ever to express our point of view in a non-verbal way.

With a click of a button we can order four colored images of our dog,  a la Andy Warhol, or a giclee collage of our favorite swear word. Local stores have “handmade” pieces of found objects, abstractly joined together to create something that reminds us of a family heirloom. Your own original for only $29.95, plus tax.

As a sometimes annoying, self-proclaimed purist, I never understood the need for this. If I couldn’t have the original Andy Warhol, why bother? But, as our lives become more automated, Art, rather than suffer because of it, has blossomed into an important part of our every day existence.

Photographs can be downloaded, re-touched, re-sized and sent overseas in just a moment. Anything we want can be created and hung on a wall in minutes; an instant reminder of something we love, a memory or a secret thought.

In these days when we all complain about a disposable society and “chicken-nugget moms”, I am grateful that Art has become a beneficiary of our advancements, not a victim.

Enjoy it, use it, create it.

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