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Dear Readers,

Hello out there in blogland! This blog is about to get a makeover. Not the kind we usually like, where we make it prettier–add some color, change a font or two, but in the content department.

You see, we’ve been posting tips, the occasional class and such, but now we really want you to see what ADE is all about. SO… with that being said, stay tuned as we keep you abreast of classes, member benefits, member news, and of course, more design tips.

Members, I’m writing this paragraph just for you now, make sure you FOLLOW this blog in order to receive the latest updates. We’re refining, simplifying, and streamlining our means of communication to better serve you and your adoring fans. Want to contribute? Let us know and we’ll get your article up here pronto. Why the change? Because we feel it’s important for the consumer to see just what ADE has to offer. (As I stated above.) That’s good for you. Good for us. And just plain good!

Thanks for reading!

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Our own Christine Spitale of Highland Mills New York, has done an excellent job of summarizing the details of the 2008 Northeast Educational Conference held this past September in Mystic, CT. Here’s just some of what Christine had to say…

“Last month I attended the 4th annual Northeast Educational Conference sponsored by the Association of Design Education and what a conference it was! Keynote speakers included best selling author Alexandra Stoddard, business coach Jane Pollak and designer Margi Kyle.

“Margi Kyle, HGTV host & designer, did a fabulous presentation about the Dewey Color System (R).” “Color trends since 2004: Turquoise=balance, Orange=vitality, Yellow/Green= natural feeling, Pink=urban feeling, Yellow=respect for the past, Gray=intellect & knowledge. according to the book Embrace Hue You Are.”

“During the conference, I had the rare opportunity to attend a presentation by Jane Pollak called “Things I’d Wished I’d Known… when I started my business“. Her definition of a goal is “a wish with a deadline.” The attendees learned about SMART goals.  S-specific, M-measurable, A-attainable, R-realistic, T-timely.”

To learn more about Christine and to read the full newsletter article, please visit SunflowerStaging.com.

Thank you Christine!

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The color forecast calls for rich shades of brown and bronze to dominate home decor in the next few years. The growing trend of natural neutrals does not mean these colors are wishy-washy. These ‘brown’ shades will be more grounded and earthy. Think rock, stone and soil.


Some of our favorite shades are found within the Benjamin Moore line of paints and include Van Buren Brown – a milk chocolate color that will really wet your appetite. (Great for a dining room) Branchport Brown – with just enough red in it to really warm up a space and looks especially good in a high gloss for added drama. Brown Sugar and Maple Syrup are lush browns you can adapt to any room and the color Wenge from the BM Affinity line is a dark, bittersweet chocolate color that paired with silvery green, red or lilac works well for any season. In fact, pair brown shades with blue this spring for variations of sea and sand.

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If you’re like me, you want your “home” office to be just as stylish as any other room in your home. In fact, more so! So how do you marry style with functionality? Good design is all about making form and function beautiful. Let’s start there.
Of course the people at Pottery Barn know how to make furniture that embodies good design, which is why they created a great line of office furniture that is not only stylish, but increadibly functional as well.
Now personalize your space with a splash of color, rich textures and interesting patterns. Embellish this space with not-so-officey artwork and accessories that show off your personality. The result? You’ll end up with an office you love to work in day or night!

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Here are the trends leading interior designers and industry experts across the country have predicted will be hot this season, to help consumers realize their personal bests when it comes to maximizing their homes’ potential.
1. The gold medal standard Wall murals remain reigning champions, according to Todd Imholte, president of http://www.MuralsYourWay.com — a leader in the production of decorative products for more than 40 years. “Like the Olympic athletes, we’re always striving to improve what we do,” says Imholte. “We recently introduced 60 new mural designs that feature everything from Parisian storefronts, Tuscan landscapes and whimsical fairies to city skylines, vintage signs and safari scenes.” Murals Your Way offers a gallery of more than 5,000 images, as well as the ability to personalize an existing gallery image or create a custom mural from a personal photo or artwork.
2. Team USA Baby boomers are asking for a new American design that is less traditional yet sensible, and reflects who they are as people, says Jan Hubbard, ASIDwith JH Design Group. They may incorporate Mom’s furniture into at least one of their rooms, while seeking an updated look in the rest of the house. McKinley Adams, ASID with McKinley’s Design, sees textures evoking a similar sense of nostalgia, as they tactilely take us back to earlier, pleasurable times in our lives.
3. Lighting the torch This fall, conventional lighting will be used in unconventional ways, according to Jeff Dross, senior product manager at Kichler Lighting. Chandeliers in the bedroom, pendants in dining rooms and multi-tier sconces in powder rooms and in the foyer will make definitive visual changes in the home. Lighting manufacturers will also continue to offer creative solutions using less electricity to promote energy efficiency.
4. The furniture favorites to win Shapely and comfortable chairs in bold colors will make an exclamation point in any room, and should be accented by a nice contrast and blend of straight-lined and round size tables, suggests celebrity design expert, author, and national TV host/spokesperson Kathy Peterson. Furniture blends in eclectic styles with an eye-appealing mix of bold patterns such as broad stripes, abstract animal prints, circles or mixed graphics will add even more life to living rooms.
5. Synchronized colors Susan Pantaleo, ASID with Concepts in Design Inc., notes that yellow is emerging as a very versatile color. From sunlight to Dijon mustard, the yellow palette is attention-getting, works with most design schemes, and adds life and vibrancy to a room. On the other side of the rainbow, Peterson sees cool grays, silvers, black and stone colors along with an unexpected hint of gold-tone accents this fall. She recommends metallics or pearlized paints on accent walls, ceilings, backdrop covers for shelves, and accent shelves.
6. The preliminaries on staging a bedroom According to Davis Remignanti, FurnitureFind.com’s lead design consultant, consumers are interested in creating a bedroom retreat that calms, centers and energizes. He suggests looking for opportunities to showcase souvenirs and family photos, and utilizing walls effectively by adding a fresh coat of paint and an interesting piece of artwork. Another way Peterson recommends to enhance a bedroom is to incorporate an oversized, opulent and tufted upholstered headboard, using tone-on-tone colors that touch the ceiling.
7. Silver medalists This fall, we should expect to see a bit more chrome and variations such as brushed nickel, polished silver, and polished nickel, adds Dross. This trend has taken a long time to travel from Europe to the United States, but this is the year it should finally take seed.
8. Competing for wall space According to Candice Matthews, ASID with CMR Interiors Inc., green goods and wall finishes will dominate this season. Finishes with burlap, limed walls and straw bale walls will be popular, as will burlap-covered walls, Belgium linens, interesting high-end finishes on millwork like driftwood, grey stains, rift wood ceruses, and lacquered millwork.
9. All-around family entertainment Due to the rising popularity of the Nintendo Wii, Xbox, PlayStation and other gaming consoles, homeowners will continue to seek ways to incorporate technology into their living areas in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Home theater cabinets from BDI, the leading manufacturer of home entertainment furnishings featuring storage for three or more components and wire management to hide all necessary connections are available in a variety of gloss and natural stained wood finishes. Hubbard also recommends consumers place flat-screened televisions within attractive furniture pieces designed specifically for them. Whole-house technology systems that are future proof will also be in demand as technology advances at world-record pace.
10. Celebrate the Olympic culture Follow the ages-old Chinese practice of Feng Shui to honor the environment indoors. Remingnanti recommends introducing water, wind chimes, color and crystals into your bedroom design to enhance the positive energy and romantic appeal while creating a shared sanctuary. Like the Olympic athletes, all of these are winners in the home decorating arena. The key is to balance diving into popular home decor trends with fine-tuning fundamental styles and techniques that will go the distance. Courtesy of ARAcontent

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And the winner is… Claudia Jacobs of Claudia Jacobs Designs.

Claudia took this mis-matched master bedroom from “blah” to “ahhhh”. The room is now serene and totally relaxing. Everything a bedroom should be!

Did you know that Interior Redesign is a “green” design service? Recycling existing furnishings is eco-friendly. Interior Redesigners are trained to create beautiful interiors using what you have.

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And the winner is… Olena Murphy of Vesna Interior Redesign and Staging.

Who wouldn’t want to move into this amazing home? Olena worked with what the seller already had (added a few minor details) and voila! – design magic.

The benfits of home staging far outweight the costs. Depending on what you need, a professional home stager can work with you to enhance your space so it doesn’t sit on the market.

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Everything has color. It’s no wonder we’re affected by the colors that surround us in both positive and negative ways. Why not surround yourself with the colors of success and give yourself the gift of a colorful office this season.

Lime Green
Using lime green shades, spring green or palm green, will boost your ability to be self-investigative, logical and inquisitive. Lime green, a nurturing green infused with realistic yellow, can increase your stamina to question what’s missing in a situation. By asking these questions, you’ll figure out what you need to do to make improvements.

Painting with shades of green, mint green, olive green or emerald, will help you feel more nurtured, and will help you make others feel more comfortable. Using green, like a fertile soil, creates a more nurturing, supportive world. Its natural balancing nature will encourage you to listen within yourself for what’s needed to make you and others feel comfortable.

Using teal shades, sea green, ocean blue, or forest green will boost your ability to be empathic, diplomatic and supportive. Using teal, a futuristic blue infused with nurturing green, will also inspire you to believe that you can create your desired future. (Also see yellow for more on becoming diplomatic.)

Using blue shades, power blue, sky blue, or navy will help you become more of a visionary. Your planning and initiating skills will improve. Using this soothing color will help you pull your thoughts together — its calming effect makes incidental agendas go away so that your dreams and objectives gain clarity.

Using indigo shades, cornflower, periwinkle, dusty rose or royal blue will help you be more enterprising. You’ll feel more self-confident in your ability to carry out your plans. Using indigo, a futuristic blue infused with directive red, will help you create a well-planned future. This blue shade will also help you to turn your concerns into positive actions.

Using purple shades, lavender, grape, violet or dark purple will boost your drama and determination, and will help you feel empowered. Using purple, the spectrum’s darkest color, also encourages emotional depth: You’ll become stronger willed, more determined and better able to develop new strategies.

Using magenta shades, orchid, rose, or mulberry will increase your enthusiasm and optimism. Using magenta, a focused red infused with stimulating purple, will inspire you to start something new. You’ll become less suspicious, and open to new adventures and opportunities.

Using red shades, pink, petal, coral red and cranberry will help you to be more practical, direct and resourceful. Using fiery red directs physical change: It gives you the knowledge and power to speak up and tell the world what you need.

Using red-orange shades, Salmon, shrimp, warm red and ruby, can help increase your self-respect. Using red-orange, a focused red infused with the earth’s warmest color orange, will inspire you to use your newfound improved self-respect to honor your individuality. It will encourage you to accept yourself and also to appreciate those you love.

Using orange shades, apricot, peach, and claypot, will make you feel bolder. Using orange, the warmest color in our atmosphere, will help you learn to break down concerns into simple elements. You’ll gain the clarity you need to let go of unrealistic expectations and eliminate dead-end situations. Change will become easier for you.

Using gold shades, light gold, cornsilk, or leaf, will awaken your passionate and playful side. Using gold, a realistic yellow infused with warm orange, gives you the power to rediscover what gives you pleasure. You’ll be able to prioritize what’s fun, and as a result, you’ll be open to exciting, playful adventures.

Using yellow shades; pale yellow, mustard and moss will help you be more open-minded — when you are looking at your own life as well as those of others. Using yellow the lightest color in the spectrum, creates an open, more fluid mindset. You’ll be able to better see other people’s points of view, and be more diplomatic and less judgmental.
Article courtesy of the Dewey Color System and We Make Color Easy.

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Good design does not need to be expensive! Come explore the world of design with us while you learn and share an array of tips and tricks.  

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do, come check us out. The ADE offers a myriad of educational opportunities for both the novice decorator and the design professional.

For additional information, we invite you to visit the ADE website.


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