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Just a reminder to all members who joined us in 2015, you are eligible for our free mentoring program, but only through the end of the year!

As a reminder, new Associate members receive one hour free, while Professional members receive two hours free. This is normally available to you during the two months after your joining. However, because the program is new, we are extending it to all new members in 2015 . . . but you must take advantage before the end of the year!

To get started, just give us a call or drop us an email to let us know you are interested and we’ll get you the questionnaire to get you started. To see the list of mentors, visit our website.

And if you’re not a member? You can still take advantage of the program at our regular rates! So let’s get started!



Classes around the country for the remainder of 2015:

November 19th 7-8:30 PM
Boring to Beautiful – A Room Makeover in 5 Steps – Burlington, MA
For details & registration:  DecToSell.com

November 9th-13th
5-Day Redesign & Home Staging – Jacksonville, FL
For details & registration: Redesign-Today.com

November 16th-20th
One Day Decorating/Redesign & Home Staging – Nashville, TN
For details and registration: ThePracticalDecorator.com

November 14th (Saturday – all day class)
1 Day Color Consultant – Certified Color Flair Professional® – North Reading, MA
For details and registration: DectoSell.com

November 16th-20th
5 Day Interior Redesign & Home Staging – West Chester, PA
(3-Day Interior Redesign – November 16th-18th)
For details and registration: RedesignRight.com

November 16th-20th
5 Day Dual Certified Redesign/Styling and Home Staging – Naperville, IL
For details and registration: MSRItraining.com
November 16th-18th (Comprehensive: November 16th-20th)
Certified Decorating Professional® – Peterborough, NH
(5-day includes Business by Design on November 19th and Redesign/Staging November 20th)
For details and registration: AcademyofDesignandDecorating.com
December 1st-2nd
Hands-On Home Staging & Job Shadowing – Andover, MA
For details & registration:  DecToSell.com

December 2nd-3rd
Real Estate Staging for the Professional – Milford, CT
For details and registration: SchoolofInteriorRedesign.com

December 2nd-4th
Real Estate Staging Intensive – Milford, CT
For details and registration: SchoolofInteriorRedesign.com

December 7th-9th (Comprehensive: December 7th-11th)
Certified Decorating Professional® – Peterborough, NH
(5-day includes Business by Design on December 10th and Redesign/Staging December 11th)
For details and registration: AcademyofDesignandDecorating.com

December 14th-16th
Certified Decorating Professional® – Los Angeles, CA
For details and registration: AcademyofDesignandDecorating.com

Be Inspired

ryan-roche-kitchen-remodelista-10 (1)
Sometimes, my head is so full with details and inspiration, that I have to empty it all out onto a piece of paper. An almost compulsive note-taker, not a day goes by when I don’t see or think of something obscure that I must write down and remember – sometimes it is as normal as a photograph in a waiting room magazine, but other times I am inexplicably captured by the curved shape of sugar in a jar, or the movement of a worm trying to escape a rain puddle in the driveway.

I am not sure if this is normal, but I have come it accept it, and understand that it gives me an appreciation for random moments that would otherwise go unnoticed. Inspiration is everywhere, and while we can’t all wander around gazing into puddles, there is a certain joy that happens when we open ourselves up to always being curious.

Recently, I was invited to write about my design ideas, and to share a favorite color inspiration. Not wanting to copy anyone else, I went back to my love of fashion, and chose a pale pink that I had seen all over the runway; paired dreamily with soft, warm shades of mink and cream it seemed especially perfect for these upcoming winter months.

When I see something that inspires me, I often hold my breath and don’t want to exhale, afraid I will lose whatever beauty is placed in front of me.

One of the most common things that people say is that they don’t know what they like, and I worry that they might be waiting for just one single, gigantic image to appear; something so perfect and spectacular that it will give them all the answers, and then they are done.

But life isn’t like that, and thankfully a home isn’t either; it is a constant, moving part of who we are, and we should swap and change our thoughts and ideas as we go along. Thank goodness for the internet, because if we aren’t inspired by worms in puddles or sugar in a jar, we can log onto a world of wonder at just the click of a button.

Here are some of my favorite places to wander around for inspiration ….

Things Organized Neatly


Rodney Smith and Tim Walker

House of Humble

My Scandinivian Home

The Inspired Room

The Christmas Snail Explained

How to Decorate Like a Parisian


House and Garden UK

The Novogratz Family

Photograph of Ryan Roche’s kitchen from Remodelista 


Styling shelves can be a little overwhelming. Although you want each shelf to look good, you also have to look at the collection of shelves as a whole. First things first, begin placing the items you have the most of. In this case it’s books, but it might be a collection of pottery or plates. Now start placing these items in some kind of pattern formation. You can start on the top left, work down to the right, and back over again. You may choose to leave some shelves blank while filling the others entirely. Stand back and look at what you’ve created a few times before moving forward. In fact, take photos as you go so you can reference past designs that you preferred. Now go ahead and add in a sprinkling of color, pattern, and texture with a variety of accessories.


  • Use bottom shelves for storage. They’re perfect for boxes or baskets and to store mass market paperbacks, magazines or newspapers without adding visual clutter.
  • Never place family photos on any shelves below eye level or on the very top.
  • Never accessorize the top of shelves unless you’re finished with the shelves first. (And you don’t have to touch the top if you don’t want to.)
  • Bring books forward so you can see them and have better access. (Bonus: you now have extra storage behind books and accessories.)
  • Hanging pictures or mirrors can be attractive, but think how functional this technique actually is. If it gets in the way of reaching for the things you need, don’t do it.
  • Alternate both horizontal and vertical placement of books. Horizontally placed books make great pedestals for accessories!
  • Don’t cram too much in. Even with a packed case, you still need to leave a little negative space. Notice the gaps between shelves walls and books and accessories.
Have you ever done a great job addressing a potential client’s needs, given them a fair price, and then . . . they “have to think about it” or they “need to talk to my (fill in the blank)”? Then you will definitely want to join us for our November 10th webinar (from 7-8 pm) ET entitled Craft Your Sales Script – with the 8 Languages of Money” with Liz Dederer. Liz will share with us the exact formula to use to get your potential clients to commit – right then and there!
Liz’s webinar will
  • Reveal your hidden money challenges that may be causing you to sabotage the sale before the call has even started.
  • Teach you the 3 step formula for a successful sales call, every time.
  • Help you discover how to easily, confidently and courageously achieve a 100% close ratio without being or feeling like a sales person.
  • Uncover the #1 mistake we make when stepping into sales conversations.
Admit it – sales is what you like least about your business. Let Liz help you overcome your anxieties and if not quite enjoy, at least become comfortable with the process.
And the best part? This is free for ADE members! And non-members only pay a nominal fee of $24.95. For more information and to sign up, go here.
Still have questions? Give us a call or drop us an email.

We’ve been giving you hints for a while and now (drum roll please) . . . it’s here! Association of Design Education is offering a mentoring program! Whether you have been in business for days or years, we have mentors ready to help you with whatever you need! Need some advice getting started? We’ve got it! Have a difficult customer issue you need help with? We’re here for you! Feeling like your marketing is a little stagnant? Got you covered!

We have both ADE-approved Trainers and tenured members ready to assist you with your needs, whatever they may be. And the best news? If you’re a new ADE member, it’s free! That means if you became a member during 2015, you’ll receive two hours (for Professional members) or one hour (Associate members) free*! Been with us a little longer than that? You can still be mentored at a discounted rate? Not a member? That’s okay too! It’s just you pay a little more, unless you decide the wonderful member benefits are just a little too good to pass up! Then join us and receive your one or two hours free!

For more information and to see our list of mentors, check out our Mentor Program page on our website. Have a few questions? Then drop us an email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to help!

* Members who joined in 2015 are eligible for their free mentoring time up to the anniversary date of their initial membership.

This creamy white (BM OC-117) is just creamy enough that it doesn’t look cold. Go bold and bathe your rooms in white on white, or add deep, rich colors for contrast. Whatever look you choose, white is definitely here to stay! Read more.


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